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Entry Clearance

Q: Can I just come to the UK on a visit and apply for the visa I want when I get here?
A: In most instances you should apply for entry clearance in a relevant category before traveling to the UK. This is done through the British mission in your country of residence.

Holiday Maker Visa

Q: Can I extend my Working Holiday Maker Visa beyond the 2 years?
A: No, but you may be eligible to apply in a different visa category so that you can stay longer.
Q: When does my Working Holiday Maker Visa start?
Q: Can I have another Working Holiday Maker Visa once my present one expires?

Ancestry Visa

Q: Am I eligible for a UK Ancestry Visa if I don't have a UK born grandparent?
A: No.
Q: Is it possible to apply for this Visa while in the UK?
Q: If my Visa was initially issued for 4 years am I eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain at the end my Visa?

Visitors Visa

Q: Can I work on this visa?
A: Employment, be it paid or unpaid, is strictly prohibited on this Visa.
Q: Can I extend my Visitors Visa beyond the 6 months while I am still in the UK?

Indefinite Leave to Remain

Q: What is "Indefinite Leave to Remain?"
A: It is also known as: "Permanent Residency" or "Full Residency." It allows the holder to stay in the UK without a time limit. It does not change your citizenship.
Q: I hear that I can lose Full Residency once I've got it, is that correct?

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