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Azza Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. (ACS) is one of the preferred education & Immigration consultants over others based on expertise & quality of service.

ACS with its head office in London & other branch offices spread in various cities of India & a new branch will be soon operational in Dubai. Mr Azharuddin is the UK’s leading registered Immigration Consultant, who is successfully providing Immigration advice & services since 2005.

For STUDENTS: ACS helped in career guidance, University Application Preparation, Visa application, Pre- Departure Preparation, Travel Arrangements, Airport Pickups, Part Time Job Search, Further Guidance & Always keep in touch.

For Professionals: ACS provided complete representation for many professionals gain Tier 1 (General) visa previously known as Highly Skilled Migration Program for UK. Presently these clients are due for the Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) shortly and will be eligible for UK Citizenship after a year.

For Businesses in UK: ACS helped UK based Business in Tier 2 Sponsor License application with UKBA and also in recruitment of skilled non-European immigrants to work in UK. Many IT professionals after working for 5 years in UK are now in the process of applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain.

For Indian Consultants: ACS helped no of students in appealing for visa refusals due to negligence of their consultants at the time of visa application.

For Parents: ACS provided visit visa services for the parents wanted to visit their children abroad and also other dependent visa for students & other visa categories.

For Indian Businesses: ACS helped Indian based businesses to provide them business visit visas to expand their businesses abroad.


Why Choose us!

ACS with its head office in London & other branch offices spread in various cities of India & a new branch will be soon operational in Dubai. We assist students looking for a qualification outside India to improve their career within the competitive global market. Students are constantly looking for new skill sets to acquire to learn and grow by studying overseas. Our efficient consultancy service makes the whole process of applying to foreign universities very simplified. We are here to guide students at every step of the application process to get the best for themselves.

Education holds the key to everything in life. We work hard to ensure utmost care to our students in guiding them on the right path to build the perfect career. We provide global admission guidance, from countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, New Zealand etc. We offer options for more than a thousand courses along with over 200 university tie-ups. With our experience of 11+ years, we provide expert solutions to prepare students to make a smooth transition to their choice of course and country.

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