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Muqhtar Ali Khaja (Shahed)

I am the ACS-India Head deals with the Student Recruitment. I am with ACS from past decade, worked in UK office for first 5 years & then took charge as ACS-India head. At ACS our aim is to help student in best way as possible as it’s an important decision for anyone to go abroad and it’s the turning point of the life. We feel proud that candidates keep in touch with us even after so many years and refer their family & friends. We believe in building good relationship with students & we are there even after visa for Airport Pick, After Visa Counselling, Help in finding Accommodation, Help in finding part time Jobs, Help in Internships and we helped many in finding work permits which lead to settlement.

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Working from past 2 years with ACS

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Mittapalli Murali

Europe Admissions

Working from past 3 years with ACS

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