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After Visa Counselling

How to Manage to Post Visa Services?

There are 4 major areas of concern here.

  • Air Ticketing
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Accommodation
  • Health Insurances

Air Ticketing

The first step that you must undertake is to sort out your air tickets for whichever country you are planning to go to. As your consultants, we take the utmost care in ensuring that we can provide you with the best service in terms of buying the air tickets at the right time from the right place.

Regardless of when your planned time of travel is, it makes the most sense for you to book your tickets in advance.  When you speak to your counselors here, just let us know that you want assistance with the ticketing and we will get back to you with the best deals.

Foreign Exchange

When you go to a different country, you will obviously require a certain amount of cash converted to their currency from yours.  Please find out from your counselors at ACS regarding how much cash you are allowed to carry to a country when you move there.


The next big concern for you is accommodation. Please note that you can go about planning your stay in 4 different ways. They are:

  • College dormitory
  • Shared apartment
  • Independent Apartment
  • Hostel

The cheapest one, in most cases, is the college dormitory. However, sometimes, Indian students find it better to share an apartment so that they can live comfortably in a budget. You can speak to our counselors to guide you regarding how you can best find a good place to live.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance might seem like an investment that isn’t very important in the beginning, however, please note that it is of utmost importance. Health care without insurance can be very expensive in a foreign country.

This is why it is always advisable to find a good health plan from India and then go ahead and invest in it alone.

Your counselor can assist you in finding the right programs so that you can go through them and make a decision regarding which one’s the best for you.

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