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Career Counselling

Choosing the next step in your life is one of the most important yet difficult parts of life, and often it requires a lot of extensive thinking and a lot of support to make sure you feel satisfied with the chosen decision. In this day and age there are numerous different paths that each person can take when moving forward. Many people are interested in more than one field.
Azza Career Counselling

How we help in career counselling ?

At Azza Career Counselling, we help students make the correct decisions in their career paths with their academics. We have experienced counselors who are dedicated to support and open paths and goals which are most suited to the counselee.
We help each client personally since we know each individual may have different and unique objectives and aims for the future. Even if there are many questions that you need answered, there will always be a solution provided by our professional team to make sure each and every client is fully satisfied.
Career Counselling
It is common for people to be unsure about which career paths to follow, there are many careers that can be pursued. People are confused about which choices will suit them the most, which is where Azza Career Counselling can support students/clients. With our expertise in guiding and providing advice to numerous clients with our counselling services we can ensure they will be choosing the best path for them.We help students move on to the next step in their life with ease and without any hurdles. We help choose the field/subject that students wish to enter, and provide them with important information about it. Students can be provided with information on their education, career and even future goals with our counselling. Whichever future they are passionate about, we can work together to ensure that they pursue the path which is right for them. We will help determine a realistic yet aspirational path which suits the skills and talents of the counselee, whilst also showing where those skills and talents can be improved. Our Career Counselling is designed to make sure the client is developing further and making the correct decisions which they may have been unsure of before. We will provide the opportunity for you to navigate through fearful thoughts and issues that may be preventing further growth, so that you end up on a path which ensures your success, and most importantly your happiness. We can provide advice on things such as personal statements, CVs and setting goals which need to be attained. Our sessions are supportive and confidential, and will be extremely beneficial for everyone. We allow clients to explore what they may not have been able to explore, or what they may have been unsure of exploring.

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