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Mr M Azharuddin

After completing my BE in Computer Science & Engineering in 2002 I was in the same situation as present students ready to fly abroad for Masters. I completed my Masters in information Systems & worked as Software Consultant for couple of years then moved to Higher Education Sector as IT Manager and gained experience in Education sector. In 2005 started working independently and later on registered as Immigration Consultant with OISC. I am linked with different organisations in UK and presented seminars on various topics in education sector.

I can tell you that coming to UK, was best experience of my life as it helped me both personally & professionally, I can tell you this based on my first had experience.

After gaining experience in UK, I thought of returning my services to my country and started another office in Hyderabad, which were spread to other cities later on.

Choosing to study abroad is a big decision for you & for your parents, as this is your turning point, we will help you in taking right decision based on your interest. ACS believes in relationship and we have succeeded in this because most of the students who came to UK on student’s visa are permanently settled in UK. As they are in constant touch with us and we update them with the latest visa options and help them in visa application.

Just want to mention that, our London office helps UK students in complete Job guidance as well.

Every month I make sure that I co-ordinate with all my offices at least once, you can reach me directly at azhar@azza-cs.co.uk I will make sure I will respond you in 24 hours.

ACS will ensure that everyone’s need & requests are met. Please do not hesitate to contact ACS for details with regards to overseas education & Immigration services for the following countries:

United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Sweden & Malaysia

We look forward to see you,

Mr M Azharuddin