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Types of Visa

Applying for a visa can be a stressful prospect. With an endless train of paperwork and documentation, it can quickly become overwhelming. ACS has the knowledge and experience to help you navigate complex visa procedures and file your visa application with greater confidence.

Each country offers different types of visa base on the purpose of your visit. It will take some time for you to understand the process, get the required documents, and fill the application form. You must ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements and requirements specific to the country you wish to move to.

Remember there are different requirements for a student visa, a tourist visa, a work visa, etc. You must understand the specific requirements of the visa you are applying for and fill the application form and follow the other processes to get your visa.

Here are the general steps you must follow in order to get a visa:

  • Choose your visa
  • Prepare your application
  • Attend an appointment at the country’s embassy or consulate
  • Get a decision on your application

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